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questioning whether to use they, them, and their?

They, Them, and Their

As a writer and editor, written English has always been a source of both joy and frustration. This is simply because it’s easy to make mistakes when we write. After all, English grammar doesn’t always “line up” perfectly. One of the most common sources of confusion I encounter is the use of the pronoun “they.” […]

How to Use Semicolons to Spice Up Your Email Content

They lurk in the dark corners of books, blogs, and articles, prowling and winding their way through each and every word like phantoms until they strike without warning! I’m of course talking about semicolons. I’ve been crafting the English language for most of my professional life, and if there is one thing that can terrify […]

email compilation process

How to Streamline the Email Compilation Process Like a Pro

Incorporated into every email is a brand, a voice, and a mission. These elements create the foundation for an effective message, but the essence is the content — the stories. In my role as Project Manager, I help clients create their ideal emails. Whether they’re crafting a quick weekly update, a monthly newsletter, or a full-fledged […]

achieve your mission

5 Ways I Can Personally Help You Achieve Your Mission

I have some good news. Did you know that Informz can help to build and send your emails for you? I’m not referring to the platform itself, I’m talking real people who can physically build and send emails on your behalf! As Professional Services Project Manager here at Informz, I spend my days getting your […]

5 Common Word Choices that Could Sabotage Your Marketing Copy

It was her first day as a junior editor, and Jill was excited! However, after a few hours diving into her company’s paperwork, she realized something: her colleagues’ usage was confusing her beyond belief! “Did he mean accept or except?” “Was it an addition or edition?” “What was meant to be discreet or discrete?” Thankfully, […]