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common word confusion

Which Witch?

Whether a brilliant poem or a groan-inspiring pun, I am a complete fool for clever wordplay. For example, read the next couple of sentences out loud: “Which witch did you meet in Salem? “Percival the knight often rode at night.” “A great pirate sees way to seize the seas!” Did you notice something? Each of […]

design skills

Your Organization Needs Your Design Skills (Not Your HTML Skills)

When we decided to make the bold move to remove the presence of the HTML editor in Informz, we had some concerns that our self-identified “hard core” HTML users would be apprehensive. After all, they have invested a lot of time and energy to master HTML to do their jobs.   Thankfully, this hasn’t materialized! Our […]

8 Things Your Email Heat Map is Telling You

The hot summer weather reminds me of one of my favorite email reporting tools – the email activity heat map! I’m always looking to optimize and increase email campaign performance and the heat map quickly helps me evaluate click traffic and trends. I walk away with actionable items to tweak or ideas for what to A/B test. […]

email writing styles

4 Styles of Email Content: What to Use (and When)

Around the turn of the 20th century, French writer Georges Polti compiled a fascinating list literary examples. This list spanned much of Europe’s dramatic history, ranging from the classical Greeks to many of his modern contemporaries. He called his list “The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations,” and in it he hoped to reduce every example to its most […]

most asked webinar questions

Your Most-Asked Digital Marketing Questions, Answered

One of the perks of attending a live webinar is the opportunity to ask questions. We get a lot of great questions from attendees during our webinars. I compiled a few of the most-asked questions and consulted our team of marketing experts for their responses. Q: Does the word “free” impair deliverability or trigger spam […]