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5 Ways to Improve Personalization in Your Email

Do you have questions about best practices for your email blasts (AKA “eblasts”)? Have you ever wondered what’s the best day and time to send an email blast? The number one best practice for email blasts is to drop the word “blast” from your vocabulary and mindset. Your email marketing strategy needs to focus on engaging […]

Email Grammar Tips: Use vs. Utilize

Nails on chalkboard. A drummer who plays without rhythm. Tests from the Emergency Broadcast System. Let’s face it – there are some things that hit your ears and make you cringe. And, when you’ve spent much of your life editing and proofreading, you’ll inevitably discover that there are some words people say that make the […]

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Creating Compelling and Effective Calls to Action

Every email message you send should have a goal: to get a click. To get a conversion. To do something.  A compelling and effective call-to-action (CTA) is essential to achieving your goal. Whether you’re directing subscribers to click through to a landing page, your website, or a registration form, the look and feel of your […]

Don’t Hide Your Verbs

Living in New York’s Capital District has some curious academic advantages. This region hosts some remarkable higher education opportunities (including my Alma mater, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), and is only a few hours from other towns that have their own profound academic footprint (Boston, New York City, and Montreal). Perhaps, then, it comes as no surprise […]

3 Ways to Use Text Emails In Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email is email right? A snazzy, HTML-stylized piece of art packaged with a header or hero image, fancy font, a button, and a footer. But not all emails need to be “pretty.” Have you ever thought of incorporating simple text emails into your email marketing strategy? I’m suggesting emails with a little less HTML “sparkle” […]