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Trending Now: Winning Subject Lines [ebook]

What do email marketers want above all else? Conversions! And that begins with getting your emails opened. Let’s face it, you spend a lot of time creating attractive, engaging email content. BUT if your subject line does not speak to your audience, the email may never get opened and engaged with. There is A LOT […]

Using Verbs to Enhance Content

How to Use Verbs to Improve Your Content

Ready to use verbs to transform your content from meh to WOW? I’d like to set a scene… “Imagine gazing out upon the Mediterranean sunset. The waves gently wash against the shore as you relax on the beach and fade into your dreams.” A lovely description in only a few short words, no? However, most […]

Our Top 5 Most Popular Blogs (Ever)

Over the past seven years, we’ve published hundreds of blog posts. We’re excited (and proud!) of how we’ve grown the blog. This year, we’re putting even more resources into making the blog the best that it can possibly be. So we strategized. Brainstormed. How can we make the blog better? What are we doing now […]

who vs whom

Who vs. Whom!

In winter of the year 2000, I had the privilege of seeing the legendary rockers the Who at Madison Square Garden. What an experience! I remember almost every moment from Roger Daltrey’s wails to John Entwistle’s thundering bass to Pete Townshend’s trademark “windmill” strumming. At fifteen years old, I couldn’t imagine a greater thrill than […]

Beyond Opens and Clicks: 3 Email Metrics You Need to Track

For marketers who are just getting their feet wet with email marketing and all the great reporting capabilities it offers, seeing the basic stats on your email’s performance – like opens, clicks, and deliveries – can be exciting. Getting an (almost) instant understanding about how well your message resonated with your audience is one of […]