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What Unsubscribers Can Teach an Email Marketer

I’m sitting at my desk creating another masterpiece (email/landing page/automated email campaign) and I see my “Darn, Another Unsubscriber” folder jump one more. This means someone unsubscribed. What?! Why?! Informz automatically unsubscribes non-delivered emails (and I hold that feature near and dear to my heart in the name of sender reputation), but there’s a person […]

Email of The Month: Columbus Bar Association

Calling all email marketers in the market for a little inspiration! We know our blog readers are big fans of email design. You want more ideas, and we’re delivering. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new series: Email of the Month. Each month we’re pulling an email sent by one of our clients that caught […]

Email Open Rate

How We Got a 50% Email Open Rate (And You Can Too!)

Well, a 52% email open rate to be exact. Good email marketers regularly track their email metrics. Great email marketers regularly track their email metrics and then make improvements to their program based on their results. On our marketing team, our campaign manager does this really well. She’s so good at following up on the […]

Trending Now: Winning Subject Lines [ebook]

What do email marketers want above all else? Conversions! And that begins with getting your emails opened. Let’s face it, you spend a lot of time creating attractive, engaging email content. BUT if your subject line does not speak to your audience, the email may never get opened and engaged with. There is A LOT […]

Using Verbs to Enhance Content

How to Use Verbs to Improve Your Content

Ready to use verbs to transform your content from meh to WOW? I’d like to set a scene… “Imagine gazing out upon the Mediterranean sunset. The waves gently wash against the shore as you relax on the beach and fade into your dreams.” A lovely description in only a few short words, no? However, most […]