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Mocking Up Email Template Designs

The mockup stage is a very important part of the email template design process. With all the complications in writing cross-client compatible HTML for email, you want to have a good idea of your final product before you begin coding.  You also want to represent your brand well through your logo, a color scheme, and […]

Designing for HTML Email vs. Designing for Web

In today’s email marketing world, HTML email is the way to go for producing graphical content for your customers or recipients. But unfortunately, email clients haven’t kept pace with the browser advancements, and therefore a large technological gap exists between a webpage and an HTML email. The good news is, the email client world is […]

How much value do you get out of that activity?

Prior to joining Informz in 2006, I provided consulting services to a wide variety of commercial, educational, and not-for-profits.  I was very fortunate that I often got to work with a group that was represented by the “subject matter experts” along with a good group of managers. Because of my position as the “outsider,” I […]

Is Responsive Email Design the Answer?

Responsive design is a major buzzword right now in the email design world. It’s no secret that mobile email readership is consistently increasing (our own benchmark report is showing that mobile readership has now surpassed desktop readership) and mobile optimization is a must. Could responsive design be the answer to email marketers’ mobile design woes? […]