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Column Layouts in Email Design

Knowing how to build a rock solid email layout is important. Take columns, for instance. Will you go with one? Two? Maybe even three? There are pros and cons to the number of columns you use. Single column emails make for a simple, direct design. Multi-column layouts are a great way to organize lots of content. The […]

Email of the Month: IAEE

June’s email of the month comes to us from the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE). IAEE’s interactive email design promoting early registration for an event stood out in inboxes earlier this month. Let’s see why. What Stands Out The interactive countdown clock. Nothing encourages action better than time literally slipping away right in front of readers’ […]

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Back to Basics: Mobile-Friendly Email Templates

Don’t let the words mobile-friendly deter you from adding a template that carries such a label to your toolbox, especially if your deterrence is fueled solely by the lack of a responsive label. Less can oftentimes be more and simpler can oftentimes be better. There’s no shame in using a mobile-friendly (non-responsive) email template. I’m […]

3 Quick Tips for Type in Email

Organized, easy-to-read, and visually appealing email type is an essential part of an effective email design. These tips will help you optimize your email type, ensuring the look and feel is exactly what you intended before you hit send! Use Web-Safe Fonts One of my favorite fonts is Gotham. As much as I would love […]

3 Interactive Email Design Elements to Try

Adding an interactive email design element to an email campaign is a great way to boost engagement rates, especially with more email clients now supporting interactivity. There are a few exceptions, but if you have proper backups in place, you should be in a good shape. With the latest updates in CSS, we now have […]