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calls to action

Creating Compelling and Effective Calls to Action

Every email message you send should have a goal: to get a click. To get a conversion. To do something.  A compelling and effective call-to-action (CTA) is essential to achieving your goal. Whether you’re directing subscribers to click through to a landing page, your website, or a registration form, the look and feel of your […]

Give Readers a Virtual Hug this Holiday Season

There is no better time to show your brand’s personality than during the holiday season. We’re not just talking about the December holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving are also occasions to have some fun and share thanks with your audience. Holiday emails are fun and playful, yet can still deliver the level of professionalism your audience expects […]

Don’t Forget the Text Version

When it comes to crafting emails, we tend to focus on the highly visual HTML version since this can make the largest impact on our subscribers. Bright colors and fancy images are the easiest way to grab attention of course. But plain-text versions of email need love too. Through the course of building the email, […]

text to image ratio

7 Things to Know About the Optimal Text to Image Ratio to Boost Deliverability

As an email marketer, you have a lot to consider: content, design, color scheme, call-to-actions, email performance… the list goes on. Ultimately you want to achieve a conversion, but your beautifully designed email needs to first land in the inbox. Did you know that email design plays a large role in whether or not your […]

design skills

Your Organization Needs Your Design Skills (Not Your HTML Skills)

When we decided to make the bold move to remove the presence of the HTML editor in Informz, we had some concerns that our self-identified “hard core” HTML users would be apprehensive. After all, they have invested a lot of time and energy to master HTML to do their jobs.   Thankfully, this hasn’t materialized! Our […]