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CAN-SPAM Compliance – Let’s Make This Easy!

CAN-SPAM Compliance may seem daunting to follow. However, if you are able to remember the main requirements, you could save yourself from a hefty lawsuit. As you know, we are not your legal counsel, so always refer back to your legal team to make sure you are maintaining proper compliance. I can recall using acronyms in […]

5 Quick [Deliverability] Tips Before Hitting The Send Button

Isn’t it the worst when you go to the grocery store and you get to your car (or worse, get home) and realize you forgot something (and it was on your list too!)? Well, if you’re like me when you shop, you probably ask yourself, “Did I remember everything I need?” Then, you may take […]

The Basics of Getting Email Delivered

Tis’ the season for getting stuff delivered, especially of getting email delivered. Let’s say Santa delivers all of the presents to all of the appropriate houses. Sounds great, right? Well, what if he started leaving the presents in random places like your kitchen, your bathroom, and your garage. Not so great. Just because something is […]

A Deliverability Sectional (3 Sections that Affect Deliverability)

Music has been a huge part of my life. I began music lessons when I was six, and I pretty much haven’t stopped since then. Mastering an instrument takes time, dedication, motivation, organization, and patience. Being involved in music has really shaped who I am and causes me to correlate everyday experiences to it. In […]

Trend Alert: DMARC is the New Black

Picture this: you are at NY fashion week and you’re watching the runway show for the upcoming Spring 2017 collection. Your favorite designers are there, and their runway styles are fresh, innovative, unique, and ready to wear. The show is effortless and fluid from beginning to end. However, little did you know that clothing and […]