Category: Deliverability

Do you see value in your UN-subscribers? I do!

In my position I analyze many reports in search of problems, trends and general abnormalities. In addition to the “regular” reports I review, I often refer to a clients’ unsubscriber reports. They’re fairly simple reports that can provide a wealth of information. Here is a snapshot of some things I look for and my takeaways, […]

Top 3 Tips for Successful Engagement

How do you keep your subscribers interested in your emails? How do you increase open and click-thru rates? How do you keep things relevant? We all work so hard to put together our email campaigns, but what good is sending an email if it doesn’t get opened? Your members won’t know it’s time to renew […]

Permission Granted?

I frequently speak with marketers who define spam in a way that justifies their current practices and lets them bring their message to the largest audience. This is a primary function of a marketing professional – exposure. From this position, spam is often defined as broadcast email sent containing spyware, phishing, pornography and so on. […]

Our Greatest Hits!

With the halfway point for the year right around the corner (wow — where did the last five months go!?), now is a great time to take a look at your goals for 2011 and your progress towards achieving them. Have you conquered integrating your email marketing and social media efforts? What about deliverability — […]