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text to image ratio

7 Things to Know About the Optimal Text to Image Ratio to Boost Deliverability

As an email marketer, you have a lot to consider: content, design, color scheme, call-to-actions, email performance… the list goes on. Ultimately you want to achieve a conversion, but your beautifully designed email needs to first land in the inbox. Did you know that email design plays a large role in whether or not your […]

Cyber Crime Blog

Cyber Crime: What to Look Out for When Classifying Legitimate Mail

You are probably familiar with the recent Equifax data breach affecting more than 40% of the US population. As you can imagine, this is a pretty big deal and will continue to affect consumers for quite some time. And now that the stolen data is out there in this world, consumers should be questioning everything […]

recover from deliverability mistakes

Deliverability Accidents (and How to Recover)

Things happen. You may have mistakenly sent to your entire mailing list or sent to the wrong audience, but there are ways you can recover. Keep Calm and Email On with these helpful tips to avoid future deliverability mishaps. The Mistake You accidentally sent an email to your entire database. Here are some things that […]

The Importance of User Engagement in Deliverability

Let’s say you walk to your mailbox and find it bursting with lots of mail. The next logical step would be to sort it out because it’s easier to manage, right? You separate your mail into bills, magazines, promotions, and letters. However, even though you sorted your mail into separate piles, each one is still […]

More Email Closures. Now Terra.

Last month I wrote about the closure of UK Orange Email domains. Next up, Terra domains. On June 30, 2017, Terra will be closing many of their free domains. Email marketers should consider following the same recommendations from my previous post, mainly to reach out to subscribers with these domains to retrieve their new address. […]