Category: Data Success

Benchmark Data: Results by Email Client Preference

This month’s data highlight examines results by email client preference, or what email clients — desktop, mobile, or web-based — subscribers prefer. Findings show that most readers are creatures of habit, generally sticking to one email client rather than bouncing among the three. (click to enlarge) When I first looked at this, I was a […]

Benchmark Data: Open Duration Results

When measuring email engagement, click rates aren’t the only telling metric that help determine how engaged a subscriber was with an email. Open duration tracking tells an important part of the engagement story, too. This month’s data spotlight relates to open duration, or the amount of time a subscriber had your email opened. (click to […]

Find your Best Time to Send an Email

This month’s data spotlight addresses a question every email marketer has asked at one time or another: what is the best day and time to send an email? (click to enlarge) Results from the 2014 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report showed that messages sent at night — after 7pm — had the highest open rates. […]

Efficient Email Marketing [Infographic]

Are you on a mission to create a more efficient email marketing program at your organization? Here are our favorite tools to keep in your back pocket to save time and money and elevate your efficiency and effectiveness. (click to enlarge) Integrated Email Marketing We are clearly big fans of integrated email marketing at Informz. […]

Increasing Click Rates with Responsive Design

There’s been a lot of chatter on our blog over the past year or so about responsive design, whether it’s right for you and your subscribers, and how other associations have navigated mobile design. Now we’re starting to bask in the glory of some pretty awesome results our clients are seeing. There is one resounding […]