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How to Deep Clean Your Database (And Keep It That Way!)

We LOVE data. And we know you guys do, too. Our subject line data webinar is our best attended event and our benchmark report is our single most downloaded resource. But those reports aren’t worth their salt unless they’re reliable. So how do we keep a clean database? Make it someone’s job, of course! Perhaps the […]

What Can Associations Learn from Netflix About Member Analytics?

Today we welcome a guest post from Audrey Smilgys, Senior Solution Consultant at Protech Associates, Inc. You can see Protech next week at the Informz Users Conference in Arlington, VA. Associations today must compete for members with for-profit organizations that offer similar services and education at lower prices. Likewise, Netflix must compete for subscribers with other video streaming […]

Using Email Data to Boost Member Activity and Grow Revenue

Today we welcome a guest post from Michael Roach, Executive Vice President of Communications at NY Capital Region Chapter of the American Marketing Association (NYCRAMA.) Michael will also be speaking at the Informz Users Conference this fall in Virginia. When did your organization feel like it was in the zone? Was it a time when membership numbers were […]

Do More With Your Data

I love technology. Some may be wondering if I am alluding to the current fascination with Pokémon Go. No, I’m not. You won’t find me running into the street chasing down a virtual lure. I love technology because it lets me do more than I could, in less time than it should. The phrase, work […]

The Big Deal About Data for a Small Association

Have you ever had one of those weeks (or months) where one thing leads to another and then suddenly a light bulb goes off in your head? Let me explain my past month and my discovery with data. Earlier this month at the Aspiring Executive Leaders CEO Lens series, we heard a great presentation from […]