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Using Verbs to Enhance Content

How to Use Verbs to Improve Your Content

Ready to use verbs to transform your content from meh to WOW? I’d like to set a scene… “Imagine gazing out upon the Mediterranean sunset. The waves gently wash against the shore as you relax on the beach and fade into your dreams.” A lovely description in only a few short words, no? However, most […]


Why Do You Need a Company Blog?

Hi there, Kate Jones here. I’m the Digital Marketing Specialist here at Informz and as of a year and a half ago, I did not have any blogging experience. Email campaigns, social media, website, sure check those boxes but blogs? I wasn’t too familiar with corporate blogging or why it could be helpful. Well fast […]

Email Subscribers

How to Create a Blog that Grows Email Subscribers

Well, I guess I really should name this blog: How I am Trying to Create a Blog that Grows Email Subscribers… You see, about 7 years ago we had no blog, no marketing team, no email marketing (and yes, we were an email company!) and I took on the task of starting our first marketing […]

3 Questions to Ask to Give Readers What They Want

Writing school can be a diverse realm. On enrolling, you’ll find future poets, essayists, novelists, journalists, and all of their ilk. And, if this gaggle of grammar lovers isn’t diverse enough when simply categorized, you’ll soon find that each and every person has a unique style and equally unique opinions about what is good writing! […]

Creating a Design that Supports and Enhances Your Content

When I was in college, I had the opportunity to visit the Chronicle Books’ headquarters in San Francisco with my graphic design classmates. I was immediately enamored with the quality, creativity, and thoughtfulness that the publisher puts into designing their products. Their dedication to releasing books that have a design that supports and enhances the […]