Category: Client Success Story

Multi-Channel Strategy Leads to Membership Increase

Imagine a world where you can only visit one website, or watch one television channel, or (gasp!) eat only one kind of pie. More than likely you would feel restricted, held back, maybe even get bored. Having choices is a great thing as a consumer. As a marketer, these choices can make reaching constituents much more challenging. […]

SCB’s Journey to Automated Campaigns

One of my clients, the Society for Conservation Biology, recently approached me with questions about how they could maximize their iMIS integration with Informz. Among the tools recommended for their email marketing tool box was the powerful Campaign Designer – part of the Informz Marketing Automation Suite. Decision for First Campaign to Automate A key task that Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) performed […]

Marketing Automation Leads to Record Event Registration

Everyone loves a party. Getting together with friends, telling stories, catching up with people you haven’t seen in ages, good food, dancing and just having a good time. Organizing a great event can be incredibly rewarding, but ask anyone that has done it and they will tell you it can also be a trying process. […]

Utilization of Community Integration Leads to 58% Increase in Reach

Do you like ice cream? That’s a silly question, I know. I mean, who doesn’t? Think of your two favorite flavors (I’ll give you a minute to narrow it down). Got ‘em? Now imagine that you could only eat those two flavors of ice cream for the rest of your life. Sure, you can review […]

TMA Gets Personal with Personas

Texas Medical Association (TMA) is the nation’s largest and most powerful state medical society and is recognized as a thought leader among medical associations. With over 49,000 physician and medical student members across the state, TMA serves a very large and diverse audience. Like most organizations, TMA has A LOT of member data and is […]