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2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report

The report you’ve been waiting for all year — the 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report — is now available! If you’ve ever wondered about what the metrics you’re seeing actually mean, or curious as to how they compare to other association marketers, this is the report for you. Designed exclusively for association marketers, this report […]

2017 Key Performance Benchmarks: Email vs. Automation [Webinar Recording]

Earlier this week, hundreds of association professionals tuned into 2017 Key Performance Benchmarks: Email vs. Automation. The webinar focused on the key differences in metrics between traditional email and email sent using marketing automation. Everyone wants to know: does marketing automation really make a difference in driving audience engagement? Are associations seeing a return on their investment when […]

Email Benchmark: Results by Email Frequency

Email Frequency. This is a topic that hits home with many email marketers. What is the ideal email frequency? Am I sending too much or not enough email? How do I find the right balance of providing emails to engage and inform my audience without overwhelming or annoying them? We dove head first into nearly […]

Email Benchmark: Results by Number of Links

Today we are tackling the question, “how do the number of links in an email impact the click rate?” When sending a message, you are likely trying to get the recipient to act in a certain way by having them click on a link. But what is the right number of links to include to get the […]

Email Benchmark: Results by Subject Line Length

Does subject line length really have an impact on email open rates? Let’s take a closer look at the 2016 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report to find out! Short and Sweet Based on nearly 2 billion emails sent by associations in 2015 the shorter the subject line, the higher the open rate. There is a […]