Category: Anniversary

5 Cheers for Pat!

Why 5 you ask? This January marks Pat’s 5th year at Informz! Pat is the numbers guy here at Informz and helps the company understand how we are doing in relation to our goal with easy to read charts and graphs. I was able to catch up with Pat to talk about some of the highlights […]

3 Cheers for Shayna!

Today I caught up with Shayna who is celebrating 3 years with Informz this month! If you have done any Informz training within the last few years you have likely been taught by our fabulous trainer, Shayna. I know when I started at Informz, Shayna was there to help me get up and running with […]

10 Cheers for Alison!

Why 10 you ask? This past October marked Alison’s 10th year at Informz! Alison has spent her time at Informz dedicated to helping clients get the most out of the Informz software. I was able to catch up with Alison to talk about some of the highlights and changes of her 10 years with Informz. […]

5 Cheers for Jennifer!

This October marks Jennifer’s 5th year at Informz. Jennifer works directly with clients to help them get the most out of Informz. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer and talk about her time here over the last 5 years. What is your official title here at Informz? I am a Client Advisor and […]