Over 40% of Emails are Opened on Mobile Devices

Alex Mastrianni

The 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report has the answers to every email marketer’s questions about how their email metrics compare to their peers’.

One of the most important metrics highlighted in the report is results by email client type, or what type of client is being used to open emails — mobile, desktop, or Web.

Mobile Email Usage

This year’s results were consistent with the rise of mobile email usage; mobile dominated in 2016 and was the most popular email client type with an open rate of 41.1%. Desktop email client usage dropped to 33.1% while Web email clients had the largest increase in usage, rising over 2%.

What Now?

The most important takeaway here is — as always — to know your audience. This may be the email benchmark, but your audience could fall below (or rise above) these stats.

Take Texas Medical Association (TMA), for example.

A critical email campaign that generates non-dues revenue, CME Spotlight, was being opened on mobile devices by 60% of their audience. That far surpasses the benchmark for mobile opens!

Realizing the importance of this communications and the revenue tied to it, TMA redesigned the mailing. They wanted it to have a unique look and feel. And, most importantly, render properly on mobile devices.

The new template immediately increased engagement, specifically click-thru rates. Who doesn’t want to see that (especially with a mailing looking for high conversions)? The redesign was a part of the effort that lead to a 313% increase in course sales for the association.

Next Steps

Understanding the impact that this insight can have on your organization’s bottom line? Here’s what to do next:

  • Check your mailing reports to see how many subscribers are reading on mobile devices.
  • Analyze the design of your communications from most revenue dependent (where you are very dependent on a conversion) to least (like a newsletter or membership update).
  • Think mobile-responsive with every design decision you make. If you don’t have the ability to go responsive (check out our designer for automatically responsive emails), strongly consider how your content will scale for mobile readers to provide the best experience possible.
  • Analyze reports after sending to see how subscribers are interacting with your messages and get ideas for future designs.

To see the full breakdown of these data findings and others, get your free copy of the 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report here.

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