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Amy Hager

Or… should I say you DID get personal!!! The 2016 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report is out and I am excited to see that more of us email marketers are using personalization! Last year there was a jump in STO (Send Time Optimization), which is the first and easiest step in sending a personalized mailing.

A few weeks ago, Informz Digital Marketing Strategist, Chris Scavo, and Sale Executive, Ryan King, broke down the report for DC Association Professionals. Chris pointed out that more people are opening and clicking, but what really proves that people are engaging is the read rate. This year’s report found that people who opened a mailing did so for more than 10 seconds resulting in a 65% read rate. So, you have mastered the perfect combo – sending the mailing at the best time of the day for your reader and providing the content they want to read. WAY TO GO!

open duration

Need some guidance on how to achieve the ultimate email personalization? No worries, here are 3 tips to help get you started so you can achieve a 65% read rate with your messages!

1. Say their name

As long as your database has a first name, you should use it. That little personal touch of having the reader’s first name in the opening of an email can go a long way. You could also try a first name in the subject line to get someone’s attention.

2. Get them to fall in love with you by using “Heart Data”

Expanding the data we collect on our members can provide insight into the topics that matter most to them. Creating personas is the vehicle to engage with our members on a personal level. Setting up personas based on your members is a great exercise to connect with your readers.

3. Customizing their digital experience

This is something that Amazon, Google and Facebook do all the time. Sometimes I am just thinking about a product or activity and I swear it pops up in my feed or on the sidebar of my screen. But, using the data to personalize what your members want is something we need to do more of. Check out this conversation with Northeast grocer, Price Chopper, on how they are using Informz to send personalized mailings.

Keep achieving email marketing greatness and download the 2016 Informz Benchmark Report today!

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Amy Hager

Amy Hager has been an Informz client since June 2010 and is the Informz Client Advisory Board Director. When not working hard for the Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia, Amy enjoys taking in the sights of DC, wine and cider tasting in Virginia and planning mini getaways with her husband and friends.