Email Benchmark: Results by Email Client Type

Kate Jones

The next installment of 2016 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report blog series is here! It’s time to take a look at open rates by email client type.

Do you know which devices your audience are reading their emails from?

Whether they are on a mobile device, desktop or a web browser, of course you always want your emails looking their best. To really wow your audience and get your message across you need to know your audience’s preferences.

Let’s take a deeper dive and look at how email client type interactions impact the 4 steps of a successful email.

Results by Email Client Type

Step 1: Email delivered in responsive design

According to nearly 2 billion emails sent by associations in 2015, mobile usage once again surpasses desktop and web usage making mobile the most popular email client type. This means that if your emails are not mobile optimized, now is the time to make that happen. Here is your guide to responsive design.

Step 2: Email is opened

Mobile has the highest open rate at 35.82%, highlighting the important of a responsive email template so that your mailings will look good on all devices. If you are using Informz you can even test out how your email will look on all different email clients making you confident in your communications.Email Client Type Preference

Step 3: Email is read

Mobile readers engage with emails longer than desktop readers with 67.1% of mobile readers spending longer than 10 seconds. Not only are audiences opening emails on mobile devices but they are engaging with them for longer! Proof that your email must look great on mobile devices. Test. Test. Test, to make sure your messages look great and clearly get your message across. Check out the example of how the Brewers Association used testing to come up with their ideal responsive design to fit their audience.Email Client Type Mobile vs. Desktop

Step 4: Audience clicks on call to action

The better your email looks and the easier it is to interact with, the more likely your audience is to click on your call to action.

Mobile is where it’s at for the majority of association audiences but it is essential to understand your data. How does it compare to the average results? It’s time to take a look at your reports and see how your subscribers are interacting with your emails. Are they mostly viewing and interacting with your emails on mobile? Do you have a responsive template for your message to look fabulous across different email client types?

We’re certain you do not want  your readers to have to pinch and zoom around their mobile screen to try to find your message and call to action. Take a moment this week and do a quick email design audit!

Haven’t checked out the full 2016 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report yet? Download it here, STAT!


We’re always looking to address email challenges.. so tell us, what’s your biggest struggle with mobile email design? Leave a comment, we may just write a blog about it!

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