4 Things to Know About the Best Day and Time to Send an Email

Alex Mastrianni

What’s the best day and time to send an email?

This might be the most-asked question about email marketing of all time.

Ok, maybe that’s a stretch. But it is one of the questions every email marketer has asked themselves, their teams, or their peers at one point in their career.

The 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report looked at send day and time for more than one billion emails sent by associations last year.

Friday, for day of the week, and late afternoon, for time of day, topped the charts.

When to Send

Emails sent in late afternoon had the highest open rate of 36.5%. Emails sent midday still account for the largest percentage of emails sent and have the highest click rate.

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Friday had the highest open rate of 36.7% and highest click rate of 16.2%. For the second consecutive year, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday had the highest email volume, accounting for 64% of emails sent.

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Before You Send Your Next Email

Here are a couple of key takeaways to keep in mind before you schedule your next email.

Opens are higher late in the day.

Late afternoon and nighttime had the highest open rates — they were within just .02% of one another. But this was 14% higher than emails sent first thing in the morning.

Imagine what 14% more opens could mean for conversion rates.

Midday had the highest click rates.

Speaking of conversion rates, midday and late afternoon were very close for the winner here, with midday taking the cake by .04%.

If you’re sending a revenue generating email that is depending on high conversion rates, try sending in the middle of the day.

Friday has the best engagement.

While not a drastic change in opens and clicks across all business days, engagement peaked on Fridays, which had the highest opens and clicks.

Results may vary.

It might take a bit of trial and error before you land on your best day and time to send an email, but use this data from other organizations to get a head start with your testing plans.

Testing different days and times, and even using a tool like send time optimization, will help you uncover what works best for your subscribers.

For more email stats — like how many emails to send, the best subject line lengths, and what devices emails are getting opened on — get your free copy of the 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report here.

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