The Secret to NAADAC’s Eleven Month (and Counting) Growth Streak

Alex Mastrianni

Informz Success Story

NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals, increased their membership by 38% in 11 months after switching to integrated email marketing with Informz and reinventing their communications strategy.

The Challenge

NAADAC was going through a complete rebranding process and wanted to increase the reach and ROI of their email marketing.

The Strategy

NAADAC partnered with Informz because of its integration with their member database, advanced targeting tools and responsive email design capabilities.

The Results

In 11 months’ time, NAADAC increased the size of their audience by 72% and membership grew by 38%. The leap in brand awareness has brought in more grant proposals, partnership opportunities, and additional funding sources for NAADAC.

“Informz has completely changed the way we communicate with our audience and has revitalized our marketing and communications strategy,” said Misti Storie, Director of Training and Professional Development at NAADAC.

How did NAADAC increase brand awareness and boost membership?

Last spring, NAADAC went through a complete restructure of how they communicate with their members and nonmembers while simultaneously rebranding their association.

It all started with a comprehensive modernization of their communications tools. NAADAC redesigned their website, upgraded their database to accurately manage data, and partnered with Informz to integrate their email efforts accordingly. Their new look and logo were coordinated with email templates used in Informz.

With an integration between their database and the Informz email marketing platform, NAADAC took on a targeted, results-driven communications strategy. Integrated efforts not only streamlined their email creation process and reduced email design time by half, but NAADAC also increased their marketing reach, communicating with more prospective members and identifying hot leads based on email reports. With their email subscriber list now much larger than their membership size, enewsletters personalized with an individual’s membership status keeps current members up-to-date on their membership and encourages non-members to join.

As a result of these combined efforts, NAADAC increased the reach of their message by 72% and membership grew by 38%. Their increased brand awareness has led to new grant proposals, partnership opportunities, and additional funding sources.

Inside Informz

Reaching more people

Before using Informz, NAADAC’s mailing list was large, but they knew that there were more potential readers out there. After switching to Informz and integrating their email marketing efforts with their database, their subscriber based jumped by 72%. Now they had access to a larger group of people – a group of people that they had data on – and were able to create targeted and relevant emails based on subscribers’ interests.

Better insight

The Informz Reporting and Analytics suite enabled NAADAC to gain better insight into their audience, and most notably, their mobile readership. Informz reports found that a large segment of their audience — 40-50% consistently — checks their emails on mobile devices. This information pushed NAADAC to use responsive design to create the best experience possible for mobile readers.

Creating a better experience for readers

NAADAC’s responsively designed emails deliver sharp, easy-to-read newsletters in a format that is customized to the reader’s mobile device, ensuring a great experience for the reader. Before using Informz, their large mobile audience had to pinch and zoom. Now, with responsive design email templates in Informz, readability has increased and NAADAC is setup for mobile success.

To download a copy of the full case study, click here.

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