Texting your Members 101: Our Top 3 Tips

Alex Mastrianni

Thinking about putting a text messaging campaign together? When first branching into the world of text messaging, it’s important to create well thought-out campaigns that utilize text messaging as a tool to deliver valuable messages, rather than “blasting out” un-segmented marketing messages.

Our Marketing Strategy Manager, Jeanette Brown, gave us her top 3 tips for text message campaign success!

1. Decide the purpose.

Prior to starting a text message campaign, decide what you will send to subscribers. Text messaging is personal space and you need to have an increased level of respect for this avenue. Ask your members if they would be interested in receiving text messages and what topics they would be interested in. This will help create your text message strategy.

2. Keep it short.

In your message, you need to deliver the call to action, steps to complete this action and what will happen afterwards, all in 160 characters or less. Keep your message short, sweet and to the point.

3. Respect unsubscribes.

Similar to emails, make it easy for subscribers to remove themselves from your list. Decide on easy keywords such as ‘STOP’ or ‘REMOVE.’

Do you use text messaging to communicate with your members? What kind of successes (and challenges) have you encountered?

Jeanette Brown is the Marketing Strategy Manager at Informz. For more information on this topic, check out our Take 5 On Demand Webcast.

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Alex Mastrianni

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