Recruitment and Retention: Effectively Communicating Membership Value

Seth Carr

If membership is the lifeblood of any association, then it’s imperative to have a sound recruitment and retention strategy that clearly defines the value of joining a group. Did you know that it costs up to 10x more to recruit new members than it does to retain them? You can’t have one without the other, so let’s examine some effective methods for gaining new members and keeping them.

Recruit Prospects Who Have Shown Interest

Instead of taking a blanket approach to boosting membership, tap into existing data to target prospects who have already indicated they want to know more about what you have to offer. Identify those who have downloaded a whitepaper, inquired about upcoming meetings, purchased materials or interacted with your association on social media.

Once you know who you want to recruit, your number one priority is to clearly establish what value new members will gain by joining forces with you. This can range from attaining certifications to networking to having access to important industry news.

A great method for converting prospects to members is by sharing short videos of longtime members who can explain to prospects how they’ve benefitted from their membership with your organization. Highlight similarities between what your current members value and how that overlaps with what prospects are seeking.

Engage Recruits With a Targeted Welcome Campaign

As new members start to roll in, you’ll want to properly welcome them with…a welcome campaign. You can do this by creating a series of triggered emails that often kicks off with an introductory welcome message and is sent soon after a new member is added to your database.

There are two important best practices to keep in mind here. Since these people just paid money to join your organization, hold off on sending anything too sales-oriented right away. Instead, remind these newbies why they joined and the value their membership holds.

The best way to do this is to customize your welcome campaign messages based on the issues your new members have expressed interest in – webinars, awards, networking, etc. Simply put, targeted emails that subscribers find relevant can only help your open and click-thru rates.

Not Everyone Will Renew Their Membership

You can’t win ‘em all, but just because a member doesn’t renew with you, there’s still a chance they could come back down the road. Try sending a survey to everyone who doesn’t renew their membership to find out why.

Maybe there is something you can offer that will bring them back. At the very least, this valuable feedback can help you unearth areas for improvement to make each member’s experience more rewarding.

Learn More Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Looking for more ideas? Take a look at this webinar, Attract, Recruit and Retain: Effectively Communicating Member Value, for more strategies to boost your membership numbers.

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