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Alex Mastrianni

This month’s data spotlight addresses a question every email marketer has asked at one time or another: what is the best day and time to send an email?

Informz Benchmark Data Results by Time(click to enlarge)

Results from the 2014 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report showed that messages sent at night — after 7pm — had the highest open rates. Regarding the day of the week, Friday came out ahead, but just by a hair.


Looking at the charts, you might be surprised that there isn’t a clear “winner” for time of day and day of week. Open and click rates don’t vary much by the time of day. If you take a closer look at day of week, open rates were a bit higher on Saturdays and Sundays, but volume was significantly lower. We included these for informational purposes.

Results by day of week

If there was one “best time” to send and email and everyone took notice of that and started sending at that time, it probably wouldn’t be the best time to send anymore, would it? The key takeaway here is to find your best sending times. The best time to send is going to be different for every industry, audience, and even segments of your audience. There are a few ways to find your best sending time, and it starts with your reports. Try sending your mailings at different times of the day and take a look at how that impacts your open and click rates.

You could also use send time optimization, a tool in Informz that sends based on a subscriber’s past activity. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL), had trouble pinpointing their best time to send because their audience of educators has regimented schedules when it comes to checking emails during the day. They started using send time optimization and saw open rates increase by 22%.

For more association email marketing benchmark numbers, download the 2014 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report or check out other data we’ve highlighted so far this year:

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