Benchmark Data: Results by Email Frequency

Alex Mastrianni

How many emails should I be sending? How much email is too much email? How do I keep members informed and engaged while avoiding inbox fatigue? Every email marketer wants to know the answers to these questions.

results by email frequency

Looking at results from over 1 billion emails sent last year by our association and nonprofit clients, we found that 70% of associations were sending 1-5 emails to members each month. The associations with the highest open rates also tended to fall in the 1-5 emails per month range.

If you have yet to discover the “sweet spot” for your members, test it out. Try sending more frequently one month, and the next month slow it down. Watch your metrics and see if you can identify trends in engagement as your frequency increase and decreases. Just remember — relevancy trumps it all. Don’t reach out to members with irrelevant information; it’s a surefire way to decrease engagement. If you have relevant information that you’re sending to members 10 times a month — and open and click rates are hitting (or surpassing) benchmarks — keep it up! Every audience is different, but one thing remains the same: relevancy matters.

With less than one month till the release of the 2014 Association & Nonprofit Email Marketing Benchmark Report, now’s the time to brush up other data we’ve covered so far this year:

2014 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report

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