Benchmark Data: Results by Email Client Type

Alex Mastrianni

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of the 2014 email marketing¬†benchmark report and we have more data to preview to our blog readers! Last month we covered overall email metrics (delivery, opens, and clicks) and this month we’re looking at open results by email client type.

Email Client Results

Once again, mobile usage leads with 44.7% of opens. Last year was the first year we saw mobile opens surpass desktop opens, so we were expecting the same this year. What was a little surprising, though, was that the gap between desktop and mobile has increased from 6% to over 13%. That’s huge!

What about your data? How does it compare? Take a look at your reports and see what your subscribers are up to.¬†One of our clients recently did this and found 40-50% of their readers were consistently reading their emails on mobile devices. That’s a lot of readers that have to pinch and zoom if templates aren’t mobile-friendly or responsive. They worked with our template designers to create snazzy responsive design templates and have increased readability and revamped the reader experience.

Tell us – what’s your biggest struggle with mobile email design? We’re releasing some handy resources over the next few months you won’t want to miss, so be sure to subscribe to the blog for the latest updates and digital marketing insight to add to your toolkit.

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