Attributing over six figures of non-dues revenue to email

Alex Mastrianni

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How valuable of a channel is email marketing when it comes to collecting non-dues revenue? That’s exactly what the American Library Association (ALA) wanted to find out. ALA implemented conversion tracking with Informz to monitor transactions that came in through email marketing for books, publications, online learning and library-related products. Since implementing conversion tracking, ALA has been able to attribute over six-figures worth of non-dues revenue to email each year, justifying a reduction in the number and frequency of printed catalogs.

Here’s how they did it.

Implementing Conversion Tracking

In September 2012, ALA implemented conversion tracking in Informz, a tool used to track recipient behavior from the inbox to website visits, and every point in between. Informz provides JavaScript code that embeds a transparent, one-pixel image on targeted, conversion-related website pages. When a reader of one of their emails visits that website page, the embedded JavaScript tracks that specific activity and reports it back to Informz conversion tracking.

ALA used conversion tracking to monitor the purchases made through their emails for the sales of books and ebooks, publications, online learning, and reading or library-related products. They applied conversion tracking code to their messages and collected data to see how much revenue each email was bringing in. While some purely informational emails didn’t bring in revenue directly, some campaigns saw conversion values of over $10,000.

ALA attributed a significant amount of non-dues revenue to email marketing campaigns. This allowed them to not only prove that email is a very valuable marketing channel and has a high ROI for their organization, but also that reducing the number and frequency of printed materials was completely justified.

“We always knew that email was an important channel for us, but thanks to conversion tracking with Informz, we learned exactly how valuable our email marketing program really is,” said Dan Kaplan, Marketing Manager, Periodicals and Online Resources at ALA.

Informz conversion tracking also provided insight into their subscriber base. ALA could see what messages saw the highest conversions, and modify future messaging to improve results.
Going forward, ALA plans to integrate conversion tracking into more of their websites so they can track the value of both dollar and non-dollar activities for every email they send.

Inside Informz

How did the ALA determine the ROI of their email campaigns using Informz?

Reporting and Analytics

Multi-tiered reporting in Informz offers you endless opportunities to gain true insight into your members to discover what they are interested in (and what they’re not). From individual campaign reports to comprehensive reports that identify trends over time, the Informz reporting suite delivers the information you need to tackle future campaigns with even more success.

Mailing Activity Report

The Mailing Activity Report holds all the answers to your email marketing questions. How many opens, clicks, and forwards did this email have? What links were clicked on the most? How many conversions were there? Start with the basics and dive deeper into individual subscriber activity all within one report.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking in Informz helps you measure the effectiveness and response to email campaigns by tracking recipient behavior from the inbox to website visits, and every point in between. Conversion tracking captures the recipient’s action after the email’s receipt and it can help you evaluate the true success of your campaigns.

To download your copy of the ALA case study, click here.

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