Am I sending too much email?

Alex Mastrianni

That’s a question we’ve heard a time or two (or two thousand). It’s a popular question, and rightfully so. No one wants to bombard their members with email.

We’ve released a lot of email marketing benchmark data this year. Two different reports (find them here) outline dozens of findings from over 1,100 associations that use the Informz email marketing platform this year, but one thing we’ve yet to cover is how many emails associations send per month, and what number is the “sweet spot,” so to speak.¬†Until now!

We just released an infographic with some of our most-asked email questions. From average open, click, and delivery metrics to timing and how much email to send, we’ve got it in an easy-to-ready, fun image below.

Our data shows that 74% of associations are sending 1-5 emails to members each month. Is that along the lines of what you send? The number of emails our clients are sending to their members, however, is all over the board, with some sending just one email a month, and others sending an email daily.

The sweet spot? The organizations that are sending 6-10 emails to members each month had the highest open and click rates. That’s an email every couple of days. These associations are clearly sending targeted, relevant messages, and their audience is engaged!

Of course, you’ll want to keep in mind that this information is based on our clients, and your sweet spot might be different. Check your email marketing reporting tools to what works best for your audience. Some of the newest reports in Informz can help you uncover if you are sending too much email, what your total reach is, and the best days and times for your members.

Check out the infographic below — does it answer your burning email marketing questions? What others do you have?

email metrics infographic

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