5 Cheers for Pat!

Kate Jones

Why 5 you ask? This January marks Pat’s 5th year at Informz! Pat is the numbers guy here at Informz and helps the company understand how we are doing in relation to our goal with easy to read charts and graphs. I was able to catch up with Pat to talk about some of the highlights and changes of his 5 years with Informz.

What is your official title here at Informz? How long have you been with Informz?

I am the company CFO and have been here for 5 years.

How has your job changed over your Informz tenure?

I started in January 2012 as the Controller and became Director of Finance in June 2013 and CFO in December 2015.

What Informz event do you look most forward to each year?

I love the Christmas/holiday celebration. I think it is a great time to reflect on the work that we’ve done throughout the year and everyone is in a great mood.

How has Informz changed since you began working here?

I think the biggest thing is our move to our new location. I think it really moved the company in a great direction and has really added to our company culture.  Such a difference from 92 Congress Street!!

What was the price of gas when you started at Informz?

I’m not sure of the exact price, but do remember figuring out that there would be a significant savings due to the shorter commuting distance. I was commuting to Latham every day so I definitely saved money!

What is the best vacation you have taken while working at Informz?

We took a family vacation to California a couple of years ago. We started in San Diego and ended up in San Francisco. The first 2-week vacation I’ve ever taken. There was so much to do and see in California.

What has been your proudest professional moment since working at Informz?

Being selected as one of the Capital Districts CFOs of the year in 2014.

What is the craziest thing you have witnessed while working at Informz?

Some of the Halloween performances. Specifically, the Richard Simmons show that Justin did at the movie theater was epic.

Fun fact: Pat and the rest of the admin team won the 2016 Halloween costume contest as “Head Hunters.”

What is your favorite place to grab lunch in Saratoga Springs?

For takeout, I love Legends (Zorba the Greek Wrap) and for eating out I like Boca Bistro. It’s our go-to for company lunches.

It was great to catch up and hear about your tenure here at Informz. Thank you, Pat and happy 5 year anniversary!

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Kate Jones

As Digital Marketing Specialist at Informz, Kate manages the company website, social media strategy, press releases and marketing collateral. Outside of work you can find Kate chasing her toddler and dog and laughing at the chaos with her husband.