5 Cheers for Jennifer!

Kate Jones

This October marks Jennifer’s 5th year at Informz. Jennifer works directly with clients to help them get the most out of Informz. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer and talk about her time here over the last 5 years.


What is your official title here at Informz?

I am a Client Advisor and work with clients to assist them in reaching their digital marketing goals.

What do you remember from your very first day at Informz?

OMG, I am not sure if this happened the first day or the first week. I grabbed a bowl of chili from Wendy’s and was eating it at my desk. Well, I spilled it all over my pants. I was new and of course mortified, I went to my manager, Joyce and told her I had to run out to the GAP and get a new pair of pants. This is when I discovered the pros and cons of having so many retails stores close to the office in downtown Saratoga. I still have those jeans – I refer to them as my “Chili-Jeans.”


What is the best vacation you have taken while working at Informz?

Alaska to visit my brothers who live in Fairbanks.

How has your life changed since you first started at Informz?

I now exercise on a regular basis. I teach painting classes. I have just finished a couple of children’s books and I’m looking forward to making more. I have made a lot of really nice friends here at Informz.

What are you most likely to hear when walking through the halls of Informz?

It’s more like you see happy, smiling people saying hello to one another.

If your time at Informz had a soundtrack, what songs would you pick for it?

40’s Junction / 1st Wave

Since it’s your 5th anniversary and all, we think we have a pretty good thing going on so tell us, what do you love most about Informz?

I really like how our culture has really changed over the years. Everyone is extremely positive. We are all customer/client focused. It is really great place to work.

What is your favorite place to grab lunch in Saratoga Springs?

If I do leave for lunch I would say Cantina. I love Mexican food.

What is your favorite celebration at Informz? 

The Halloween party! I am hoping to win this year’s Halloween food contest. Last year I created an adorable Charlie Brown’s pumpkin themed desert!


It sounds like it has been a wonderful 5 years! Thank you Jennifer and happy 5 year anniversary!

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Kate Jones

As Digital Marketing Specialist at Informz, Kate manages the company website, social media strategy, press releases and marketing collateral. Outside of work you can find Kate chasing her toddler and dog and laughing at the chaos with her husband.