3 Cheers for Shayna!

Kate Jones

Today I caught up with Shayna who is celebrating 3 years with Informz this month! If you have done any Informz training within the last few years you have likely been taught by our fabulous trainer, Shayna. I know when I started at Informz, Shayna was there to help me get up and running with Informz. Shayna and I caught up to talk about some of the highlights of her tenure here at Informz.


What is your official title here at Informz? How long have you been with Informz?

Client Training Manager, 3 years this December!

How has your job changed over your Informz tenure?

I started as an Advisor, then became the Implementation Specialist, and then Client Training Manager.

A new title each year! Not too shabby.

What Informz event do you look most forward to each year?

Halloween!  Lots of great snacks, and who doesn’t love playing dress up?

Shayna actually won last year’s Halloween costume contest! Pictured below as Sugar Skull Pin-up.

How has Informz changed since you began working here?

There are a lot more employees and we’re in a great new building. Not to mention all the changes to the software (adding Marketing Automation, Template Gallery, etc…)

Describe your typical work day?

Mostly I am training clients over the phone or on-site, but in between training, I create curriculum and training documentation.

Who makes you laugh the most at Informz?

Advisor Justin Bills. We’ve been best friends for 17 years, and he’s funnier every day!

What is your favorite place to grab lunch in Saratoga Springs?

I practically live at Putnam Market.

Excellent choice, so many delicious soups and sandwiches! It was great to catch up and talk about your time at Informz. Thank you, Shayna and happy 3 year anniversary!

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