3 Cheers for Jen Evers!

Kate Jones

Why 3 you ask? This St. Patrick’s Day marks Jen’s 3rd year at Informz! Jen is one of our go-to people for questions regarding Informz software. I was able to catch up with Jen to talk about some of the highlights and changes over her three years with Informz.

What is your official title here at Informz?

My official title is Integrations Specialist. I have been at Informz for 3 years on March 17th.

How has your job changed over your Informz tenure?

I have held 2 titles here at Informz so far – I started out as a Software Operations Analyst II and about a year ago I took on the role of Integrations Specialist. In both roles, I work as second level support – assisting advisors and clients with any questions they may have. As an Integrations Specialist, I focus more on troubleshooting and supporting the various Informz integrations with our partners.

What Informz event do you look most forward to each year?

I most look forward to Halloween! Informz knows how to celebrate Halloween with costumes, performances, and lots of good food.

Speaking of Halloween, here is Jen as Wednesday Addams at our 2015 Halloween celebration.

What do you remember from your very first day at Informz?

My very first day (and week) at Informz was spent at our old building. So, I spent my first week in a temporary spot – amongst all the moving boxes etc. It was super exciting being part of the move into our new awesome space – even though I had only been with Informz for a week!

What was the price of gas when you started at Informz?

The price of gas back in 2014 was actually higher than it is now. I think it was up around $4.00!

Describe your typical work day?

A typical work day for me is really busy! At any given time, I am usually working through a number of client implementations – getting their integrations up and running properly.  I also spend quite a bit of time working with our partners on issues that need attention. Then there are always the many questions that come up throughout the day.

What is your favorite Informz memory?

It has to be the Halloween synchronized swimming performance in 2014! I had only been here about 7 months so it was my first Informz Halloween – I really had no idea what to expect. I saw people walking around the office with bikini tops and towels over their clothes and in swimming caps which was kind of strange… But when the music started and they started performing, I couldn’t stop laughing! It was the funniest thing ever! Check out the performance here.

Since it’s your 3rd anniversary and all, we think we have a pretty good thing going on so tell us, what do you love most about Informz?

One of the best things about Informz is their company culture. I truly feel listened to and appreciated here.

What is your favorite place to grab lunch in Saratoga Springs?

There are so many – but I end up at Putnam Market a lot!

It was great to catch up and hear about your tenure here at Informz. Thank you, Jen and happy 3 year anniversary!

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