10 Cheers for Alison!

Kate Jones

Why 10 you ask? This past October marked Alison’s 10th year at Informz! Alison has spent her time at Informz dedicated to helping clients get the most out of the Informz software. I was able to catch up with Alison to talk about some of the highlights and changes of her 10 years with Informz.


What is your official title here at Informz?

Executive Advisor

How has your job changed over your Informz tenure?

I have always been an Advisor but my title has changed a number of times over the last 10 years – Advisor, Senior Advisor, Team Lead, Executive Advisor.

What Informz event do you look most forward to each year?

Halloween. Everyone gets so into it. It can get pretty competitive but in a good way.


How has Informz changed since you began working here? 

It’s grown so much. When I started there were about 25 employees and now there are almost 70!

What was the price of gas when you started at Informz?

According to CNN Money, the average cost of a gallon of regular gasoline was $2.20, so not too different than current prices. One major change worth noting – 10 years ago the Chicago Cubs weren’t the WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!

What was the most popular email server, website, etc..

AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo were all popular email clients and I think Internet Explorer was the most popular browser.

Describe your typical work day?

Lots of emails and phone calls and maybe a few meetings. Every day is a little different which I really like.

What is the best vacation you have taken while working at Informz?

Probably a birthday trip to Bermuda. The beach is beautiful, the weather was perfect and it was so relaxing.

Who makes you laugh the most at Informz?

I think an easier way to answer this question would be who doesn’t make me laugh. Obviously, I spend a lot of time with the Client Success team talking about work, life, pop culture and general nonsense and I can honestly say that everyone on our team has a great sense of humor.

What has been your proudest professional moment since working at Informz?

Probably the presentations that I did at a few client conferences. I attended and presented solo and was more than a little nervous about speaking for 45+ minutes. But not only did I get through those presentations, I think they went pretty well.

Since it’s your 10th anniversary and all, we think we have a pretty good thing going on so tell us, what do you love most about Informz?

The people – my coworkers make me laugh every day and are always available to help.

What is your favorite place to grab lunch in Saratoga Springs?

I don’t eat out often but Putman Market is my favorite – the best sandwiches and daily specials.

It was great to catch up and hear about your tenure here at Informz. Thank you, Alison and happy 10 year anniversary!

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Kate Jones

As Digital Marketing Specialist at Informz, Kate manages the company website, social media strategy, press releases and marketing collateral. Outside of work you can find Kate chasing her toddler and dog and laughing at the chaos with her husband.