Alex Mastrianni

It’s time to go behind the scenes with another member of the Informz team! If you’re an Informz client, you’re very familiar with our hands-on team of advisors, but there are a lot of people behind the scenes who are working to make every client an Informz Superfan. Today we’re chatting with Sarah Kulp, Director […]


Quick Email Design Tip: Reduce Space with Tables

Chris Clemente

Tables, tables, tables.  Exaggerated heights and spacing between stories can be problematic for text and images. Unlike web-based design, spacing due to non-table elements are more forgiving and can come across as normal. Email-based designing is not so understanding due to various format processors used in various email clients.  Nine out of ten spacing issues […]


Message throttling, courtesy of McAfee

Greg Robinson

During the first week of June, McAfee began rejecting some legitimate email messages sent to MX Logic protected mailboxes with the errors “451 Exceeding Connection Limit: RBLDNSD” or “554 Message Denied: RBLDNSD.” These rejections are the result of a change made to the McAfee SAAS, where they have enabled new “Spam Flood Protection” and “Email […]


How Does Your Association Measure Up?

Alex Mastrianni

Since the 2015 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report made its big debut last month, association and nonprofit marketers everywhere have been able to see how their email programs are performing compared to the programs of their association peers. Some of my favorite metrics, besides the old standbys of delivery, opens, and clicks, are the frequency […]

Idea Swap

Ideas from Informz Clients, for Informz Clients

Amy Hager

Over the past few months, Informz users have come together over lunch to share ideas on some important topics that many of us who work at associations struggle with. I would like to thank the National Association of Attorneys General for hosting the latest Idea Swap session. The Informz Client Idea and Sample Swaps are […]