questioning whether to use they, them, and their?

They, Them, and Their

Nicholas Graziade

As a writer and editor, written English has always been a source of both joy and frustration. This is simply because it’s easy to make mistakes when we write. After all, English grammar doesn’t always “line up” perfectly. One of the most common sources of confusion I encounter is the use of the pronoun “they.” […]

The Importance of User Engagement in Deliverability

Amanda DeLuke

Let’s say you walk to your mailbox and find it bursting with lots of mail. The next logical step would be to sort it out because it’s easier to manage, right? You separate your mail into bills, magazines, promotions, and letters. However, even though you sorted your mail into separate piles, each one is still […]

no html designer

New “No HTML” Email Tool Now Available

Alex Mastrianni

Our redesigned email tool is now available! Our new “No HTML” designers allow organizations to create professional-looking, automatically responsive emails. And, they will render consistently across all email platforms and devices. Win-win! We are one of only a handful of email or marketing automation platforms that offers a non-HTML based email designer. This new approach […]

Lead Scoring Hacks

Lori Ely

Have you ever found yourself pointing fingers about lead quality – sales saying marketing isn’t sending me good leads and marketing saying sales isn’t following up? Is your sales team saying that there are too many names to follow up with or that leads aren’t converting? Have you wanted to do lead or engagement scoring […]

3 Essential Landing Page Elements that Convert

Amie Perrott

Landing pages can have a big impact on audience engagement, event registrations, and even revenue. There’s a lot of pressure to get it right. Every element of a landing page needs to be optimized. I’m not a designer or landing page expert, but I’ve built a landing page or two during my time as a marketing […]