5 Ways to Improve Personalization in Your Email

Amie Perrott

Do you have questions about best practices for your email blasts (AKA “eblasts”)? Have you ever wondered what’s the best day and time to send an email blast? The number one best practice for email blasts is to drop the word “blast” from your vocabulary and mindset. Your email marketing strategy needs to focus on engaging […]

3 Ways to Optimize New Member Recruitment Efforts

Vivian Swertinski

Asking for too much too soon can sabotage any new relationship. Prospecting is no exception. A prospective member’s journey usually begins at the introductory stage, when they become aware of your organization. At this stage, the relationship is just forming and there is much to be learned. While it may be tempting to go straight […]

7 Stats You Need to Know to Plan for Next Year

Alex Mastrianni

Like most marketers, you’re probably in full-blown planning mode for 2018. Part of planning for the future involves looking back at the year and seeing what went well and what didn’t. You need to take stock of the marketing activities that drove the most registrants, revenue, or recruited the most members. What campaigns were a […]

timing for promotional event emails

Average Email Event Promotional Timelines for Associations

Alex Mastrianni

When we sat down with participants of the 2017 Email Event Promotion Microstudy to discuss data points we wanted to collect, insight that would be helpful for associations, and event email metrics that would help us all strategize, promotional timeline was a key topic everyone brought up. Everyone wanted to know: how far in advance do you […]

Email Grammar Tips: Use vs. Utilize

Nicholas Graziade

Nails on chalkboard. A drummer who plays without rhythm. Tests from the Emergency Broadcast System. Let’s face it – there are some things that hit your ears and make you cringe. And, when you’ve spent much of your life editing and proofreading, you’ll inevitably discover that there are some words people say that make the […]