Music Camp Reflections and How They Align with Email

Peter Nelson

At the ripe old age of 54, I just attended my first music camp. This particular camp was called KeyFest organized by Jordan Rudess, the Juilliard trained and renowned keyboard player from the band Dream Theater. My primary goal was to be inspired (check!), improved (check!), and challenged (double check!!) As I was getting all this […]


Email Benchmark: Results by Email Client Type

Kate Jones

The next installment of 2016 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report blog series is here! It’s time to take a look at open rates by email client type. Do you know which devices your audience are reading their emails from? Whether they are on a mobile device, desktop or a web browser, of course you always want your emails […]


Email Delivery Outlook, Good?

Greg Robinson

Litmus, a company offering various rendering and spam filter test tools to email senders, has just announced a new partnership with Microsoft. The two companies will collaborate on fixing rendering issues that senders have been confronted with when sending to Outlook users for quite some time. This could be a big deal for those who struggle […]

person with flower

Membership Renewal Starts on Day 1

Chris Scavo

When is the right time to start approaching your members about renewing their membership? Do you start 30 days prior to their membership expiring?  What about 60 days? Do you go back even further than that?  The truth is, renewal started the moment that the member chooses to join your organization. Every email, social post, […]


Informally… Jillian Seward!

Kate Jones

Today we’re chatting with Jillian Seward, Sales Development Rep at Informz. Jill discusses what attracted her to Informz, her ideal day and the soundtrack of her life. What is your official title and what does your job entail? I am a Sales Development Representative, I get to chat with associations and nonprofit organizations about their […]