Don’t Forget the Text Version

Alex Gorton

When it comes to crafting emails, we tend to focus on the highly visual HTML version since this can make the largest impact on our subscribers. Bright colors and fancy images are the easiest way to grab attention of course. But plain-text versions of email need love too. Through the course of building the email, […]

Higher Logic Acquires Marketing Automation Platforms Informz and Real Magnet

Alex Mastrianni

We have very exciting news to share this morning. Informz has been acquired by Higher Logic, an industry leader in cloud-based community platforms. Higher Logic is welcoming both Informz and Real Magnet, another leading marketing automation software company in the industry. Read the full press release here. Integrating the strength of these two marketing automation […]

Don’t Hide Your Verbs

Nicholas Graziade

Living in New York’s Capital District has some curious academic advantages. This region hosts some remarkable higher education opportunities (including my Alma mater, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), and is only a few hours from other towns that have their own profound academic footprint (Boston, New York City, and Montreal). Perhaps, then, it comes as no surprise […]

3 Ways to Use Text Emails In Your Email Marketing Strategy

Amie Perrott

Email is email right? A snazzy, HTML-stylized piece of art packaged with a header or hero image, fancy font, a button, and a footer. But not all emails need to be “pretty.” Have you ever thought of incorporating simple text emails into your email marketing strategy? I’m suggesting emails with a little less HTML “sparkle” […]