4-Step Strategy for Recruiting Lapsed Members

Alex Mastrianni

Like most organizations, the American Association for Respiratory Care’s membership levels didn’t plummet overnight. They had telltale signs that things weren’t moving in the right direction. For AARC, it had been a bit of a balancing act. Membership had been flat year-over-year until the number of lapsed members outpaced new member registration. Not unlike a […]

calls to action

Creating Compelling and Effective Calls to Action

Nabeel John

Every email message you send should have a goal: to get a click. To get a conversion. To do something.  A compelling and effective call-to-action (CTA) is essential to achieving your goal. Whether you’re directing subscribers to click through to a landing page, your website, or a registration form, the look and feel of your […]

[Webinar] Automating Member Engagement

Alex Mastrianni

How is your organization using technology to automate member engagement? Are you equipped with the tools you need to customize the member lifecycle? Join us next week for a live webinar that dives deep into the future of member engagement automation. Tom Lehman, Lehman Associates’s Founder & CEO, and Andy Steggles, Higher Logic’s President & Co-Founder, […]

getting started with automation

Getting Started with Automated Campaigns

Alex Mastrianni

Think about the steps that go into planning and executing email campaigns. Do you use a whiteboard to visually flow out comprehensive marketing campaigns? Are you purposefully planning your response to actions that constituents take? Do you want the communications to have a personal touch, almost like the ebb and flow of verbal communication? You […]

Early Bird Emails Most Successful for Driving Event Attendance

Alex Mastrianni

When working with associations to develop the 2017 Email Event Promotion Microstudy, event size was an important consideration when discussing how events are promoted. Email campaigns vary in timing, duration, and strategy based on the size and scope of the event. Consequently, it’s difficult (and inaccurate) to compare a local, one-day event to your national […]