Technology as a Strategic Asset

Vivian Swertinski

Remember when technology was kept within the four walls of the IT department? Occasionally other departments would invite technology into their strategic discussions but it was quickly corralled back into the IT department where it belonged. My, how things have changed! That was then, this is NOW. In the webinar, Technology as a Strategic Asset: […]


The Big Deal About Data for a Small Association

Amy Hager

Have you ever had one of those weeks (or months) where one thing leads to another and then suddenly a light bulb goes off in your head? Let me explain my past month and my discovery with data. Earlier this month at the Aspiring Executive Leaders CEO Lens series, we heard a great presentation from […]


Utilization of Community Integration Leads to 58% Increase in Reach

Chris Scavo

Do you like ice cream? That’s a silly question, I know. I mean, who doesn’t? Think of your two favorite flavors (I’ll give you a minute to narrow it down). Got ‘em? Now imagine that you could only eat those two flavors of ice cream for the rest of your life. Sure, you can review […]


Informz Rides for a Cure

Chris Scavo

Springtime in Upstate New York is always a special time for a number of reasons. Not only is the weather getting nicer, but it seems like everything moves outside. Restaurants set up outdoor seating, people are constantly walking through parks or around towns, and it just feels like the area comes alive. There’s one thing […]

earth day blog

What’s from the Earth is of the Greatest Worth

Kate Jones

Happy Earth Day! Green is our favorite color here at Informz. It’s in our logo, painted throughout the office and a lot of our swag is green! We are very conscious of the resources that we use and always looking for ways to contribute towards a cleaner environment. How are we doing this, you may […]