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Avoiding The Dreaded Spam Filter

Greg Khaikin

Meet Nikki. Nikki sends emails. Nikki enjoys a high deliverability rate on her emails. Nikki avoids common spammer tactics in her email. Be like Nikki. It is not uncommon for an Informz user to ask their Advisor why some of their subscribers haven’t received an email, even when the report is showing that it was delivered. […]


Personalization Opportunities Abound with Marketing Automation

Vivian Swertinski

We know the statistics, we have the proof. Personalized emails consistently outperform non-personalized communications. The question I have for you is, how do you define personalization and how are you incorporating it into your email strategy? If your definition of personalization is using a name field in a subject line then you are just scratching […]


Quick Tip: Retaining Hyperlink Colors

Alex Gorton

Here is a scenario: You have spent hours working out a brand new template, days even. Your design aesthetic choices reflect your brand and really power your message home to your subscribers. You have scoured your branding guidelines for your color choices and plugged all of those in to one cohesive, well-oiled machine (or template […]


Subject Line Test Data – Get Ready to Be Inspired!

Vivian Swertinski

So much thought and effort goes into creating email content and it’s disheartening to think that only a percentage of the audience will ever see it. The reality is that there is a lot at stake and it’s all riding on a few elements: the friendly from name, the subject line and the preheader text. […]

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Driving Engagement and Retention through Multichannel Personalization

Kate Jones

Need to engage a diverse audience? Did you know that your audience is leaving behind “digital clues” that reveal what they’re most interested in? Join Vivian Swertinski from Informz and Will Levinson from on February 3 at 2pm EST for Driving Engagement and Retention through Multichannel Personalization. We’ll be joining forces with to […]