recover from deliverability mistakes

Deliverability Accidents (and How to Recover)

Amanda DeLuke

Things happen. You may have mistakenly sent to your entire mailing list or sent to the wrong audience, but there are ways you can recover. Keep Calm and Email On with these helpful tips to avoid future deliverability mishaps. The Mistake You accidentally sent an email to your entire database. Here are some things that […]

8 Things Your Email Heat Map is Telling You

Amie Perrott

The hot summer weather reminds me of one of my favorite email reporting tools – the email activity heat map! I’m always looking to optimize and increase email campaign performance and the heat map quickly helps me evaluate click traffic and trends. I walk away with actionable items to tweak or ideas for what to A/B test. […]

Informz Roadshow

Informz Roadshow Kicks Off in Washington, DC & Northern Virginia

Alex Mastrianni

With the recent release of the Informz Template Designer 2 and Mailing Designer 2 (TDMD2), we wanted to give this major effort the focus it deserves. We dispatched our product team to Washington, DC and Northern Virginia last week for the first stop on the “TDMD2 Roadshow.” The team will be touring throughout North America […]

email writing styles

4 Styles of Email Content: What to Use (and When)

Nicholas Graziade

Around the turn of the 20th century, French writer Georges Polti compiled a fascinating list literary examples. This list spanned much of Europe’s dramatic history, ranging from the classical Greeks to many of his modern contemporaries. He called his list “The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations,” and in it he hoped to reduce every example to its most […]