Advice for the Modern Marketer: How to Explain What You Do

Amie Perrott

Marketers are hard at work trying to make things happen for their organizations. It can be challenging when it comes to explaining exactly what you do to non-marketers. It’s even harder to illustrate the blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes literal tears) that you invest in your work. For a digital marketer, “What do you do […]

More Email Closures. Now Terra.

Amanda DeLuke

Last month I wrote about the closure of UK Orange Email domains. Next up, Terra domains. On June 30, 2017, Terra will be closing many of their free domains. Email marketers should consider following the same recommendations from my previous post, mainly to reach out to subscribers with these domains to retrieve their new address. […]


Illinois ASBO Increased Event Revenue by $20,000

Chris Scavo

The Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO) is devoted to the school business management profession, providing members with professional development activities, services, and advocacy. Like many organizations, inefficient internal processes held up their event campaign creation process. IASBO was struggling with delivering members targeted content, resulting in lower engagement. By recognized the changes they needed […]


2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report

Alex Mastrianni

The report you’ve been waiting for all year — the 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report — is now available! If you’ve ever wondered about what the metrics you’re seeing actually mean, or curious as to how they compare to other association marketers, this is the report for you. Designed exclusively for association marketers, this report […]

How to Use Semicolons to Spice Up Your Email Content

Nicholas Graziade

They lurk in the dark corners of books, blogs, and articles, prowling and winding their way through each and every word like phantoms until they strike without warning! I’m of course talking about semicolons. I’ve been crafting the English language for most of my professional life, and if there is one thing that can terrify […]