New Report Reveals More Marketers are Using Send Time Optimization

Amy Hager

I love STO! I was very happy to see in this year’s Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report that 24.5% more of my fellow association email marketers are using STO, or Send Time Optimization. I have always wanted to ask those who haven’t used it, “why don’t you send a message to your members when they are […]


5 Keys to Association Website Success in 2015 (and Beyond)

Alex Mastrianni

Association websites compete with for-profits, media, and even other associations for mindshare and web visitors. Does your association have a plan to compete in this crowded, modern online environment? At the same time, new technologies and trends continue to reshape the way we use the web, transforming your members’ expectations and what you need to […]


What to tweak when email click rates are on the decline

Vivian Swertinski

Do you recall the conversations that took place among school friends when year-end report cards were handed out? What was your highest grade? What was your overall average? From our earliest days, we measure growth by comparing ourselves to our peer group and comparing our progress against our previous performance. Report cards and annual benchmark […]

Today’s Blog is Sponsored by the Letter “A” and the number 4.4

Greg Robinson

You are always the apple of our eye and an absolutely astounding member of the alphabet. You begin names like “AOL” and “Apple.” We cannot adequately express how appreciative we are, but we’ve made an attempt by singing this song in your honor. Thank you Letter A. There are two noteworthy items for my blog […]



Alex Mastrianni

Our Client Services team is completely dedicated to making sure each and every client gets the most out of Informz. Today we’re chatting with one of the newest members of the team, Chris Weaver, about his favorite parts of the job, his idea of a perfect day, and ziplining adventures in Belize. What is your official […]