Worthy of Attention: Applying Responsive Design and Reply by Email Functionality

Alex Mastrianni

The following post was written by Caitlin Struhs, Copywriter at Higher Logic.  There are a number of reasons why email is worthy of attention. Online communities alone generate tens of millions of emails per month. It’s a universal medium—nearly everyone has an account, most emailing happens on the go through mobile devices and communities powered by an […]

Earth Day: Plant the Seed to Email Marketing Success

Amy Hager

On Earth Day, we are usually doing things to improve the planet. If you are unable to get out of the office to plant a tree, help clean your community or enjoy the spring sunshine, don’t get mad – get busy planting seeds to email marketing success. The first step is to have high deliverability […]

How to Manage Email Frequency

Alex Mastrianni

One of the most frequently asked questions of our Digital Marketing Strategists seems like it might be a simple one: am I sending too much email? The answer isn’t always a straight “yes” or “no,” — there are often several factors influencing frequency. But managing frequency is easier than ever with our strategists’ four-step frequency management plan, available […]

Personas: More than Just Marketing Swag

Vivian Swertinski

The value of creating personas to better understand and therefore better communicate with audiences is becoming known and accepted by marketers across all industries. The value of being able to put yourself in the shoes of your audience is especially important to those that write marketing content. We’ve come to understand that personas help us […]


When the anchor becomes afloat

Chris Clemente

Anchor links, popularly known as bookmarks, bring the reader to a particular story in a mailing. Usually contained in Table of Content areas or quicklinks, anchor links are a great way to sort out long content. Unfortunately, it’s not supported in all major email clients. Below is a chart of which email clients support anchor […]