Superfans Say: What Informz Clients are Telling Us

Melissa Tyler

We have been having a busy June here at Informz, and our Advisors have been hard at work creating Superfans, one client at a time! Here are some of the virtual high-fives our Advisors have recently gotten from their clients: “Thank you John – you are Superman” – Tim at Clubs NSW “Taryn was a huge […]

The Need to Lead vs. The Need to Bleed

Amy Hager

Last month, John Graham, CEO of ASAE and Reggie Henry, CIO of ASAE spoke to a group of emerging association CEOs about the importance of a quality CEO/CIO relationship. One of the key points they discussed was an association’s need to lead, but not necessarily be on the bleeding edge of technology. To achieve being […]

Writing a New Playbook for Advocacy

Alex Mastrianni

The following post was written by Glen Justice, Managing Editor for Marketing at CQ Roll Call, an Informz partner. Washington advocacy is a tough business these days. As with so much in the association and nonprofit world, the old rules no longer apply. And yet there’s no solid rule book to explain how the new […]


CASL Compliance: Obtaining Express (Not Just Implied) Consent

Chris Scavo

As you walk down the street you see a beautiful house and decide to see who lives there. You admire the landscaping as you walk towards the door, and as you approach, you hesitate. Do you knock on the door and ask to enter, or do you just open the front door and walk in? […]