How to Move Up the Ladder of Relationship Marketing [Webinar]

Kate Jones

Positive relationships are essential for a fulfilling life. It’s no surprise that associations have caught on to the importance of relationships, especially when speaking to their members. Making a personal connection with your members helps them feel more confident in your mutually beneficial relationship. Think about it, would you rather make small talk about the weather or […]


Informally… Emily Chen!

Kate Jones

Today we caught up with Emily, SQL Developer at Informz. She shares with us what drew her to Informz, the best Korean TV show and her love of traveling the world. What is your official title and what does your job entail? My official title is SQL Developer. My job entails enhancing queries in the Informz […]


Digital Marketing Design Lookbook 2016

Kate Jones

Let’s be honest: looks matter. They certainly aren’t everything but they sure do encourage people to look further. There’s a reason wines with cool labels sell more or books with intriguing covers get picked up. The same applies to your email design. A well-designed email stands out and encourages your audience to take action. Your members […]


Email Benchmark: Results by Number of Links

Kate Jones

Today we are tackling the question, “how do the number of links in an email impact the click rate?” When sending a message, you are likely trying to get the recipient to act in a certain way by having them click on a link. But what is the right number of links to include to get the […]


Trend Alert: DMARC is the New Black

Amanda DeLuke

Picture this: you are at NY fashion week and you’re watching the runway show for the upcoming Spring 2017 collection. Your favorite designers are there, and their runway styles are fresh, innovative, unique, and ready to wear. The show is effortless and fluid from beginning to end. However, little did you know that clothing and […]