Email of the Month: Meet Minneapolis

Alex Mastrianni

It’s time to take another look in the inbox to see what email design is standing out this month! Meet Minneapolis sent the email below to folks who are considering planning a meeting in their city. What Stands Out That hero image. I am a sucker for a great header image, and the colors, photography, and text […]

Drive Event Registration with Automated Campaigns [Webinar Recording]

Vivian Swertinski

Event organizers and marketers are under pressure to drive online and offline event registration – a task not meant for the faint of heart. I recently hosted a 30-minute webinar, Drive Event Registration with Automated Campaigns, where I shared how two associations are using automated campaigns for events. The results are very impressive. Check out the […]

7 Things Email Marketers Can Do to Improve Inbox Placement

Amanda DeLuke

Getting your email to the inbox can just be plain tricky. Mail receivers and spam filters have sophisticated algorithms in place to catch spammers, and many times legit mail can be misclassified. Information on getting around these filters isn’t publicly shared (and for good reason). In my role as a deliverability specialist, I look at […]

automated membership renewal campaign vhma

Integrated, Automated Membership Renewal Campaign Leads to $18,000 Increase in Revenue

Chris Scavo

Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) provides veterinary management professionals ongoing education, certifications, and networking opportunities. Formed in 1981, VHMA has grown to serve over 2,700 members across North America. VHMA was using a low-cost email provider to connect and market to their members. As a result of no integration with their association management system (AMS), VHMA […]

8 Signs You Need Marketing Automation

Lori Ely

You’ve heard the buzz about marketing automation. And it’s true — implementing marketing automation can lead to some really cool results. But do you need marketing automation? If you’re on the fence about how it’ll change the way your team operates and drives results, ask yourself if you’re faced with some of these challenges. If so, maybe it’s time to […]